La Ottavio Bottecchia

Unasphalted roads Altamarca Vintage La Ottavio Bottecchia Trophy – Sunday 2014 June 1.

Membership card and registration checks will take place on Saturday 31 May between 15:00h and 18:00hin the historical centre of Bassano, near the balcony of Palazzo Sturm (where the rally will begin on Saturday 31 May).
Participants will meet on 1 June at 5:00h at the Alpini regiment headquarters in Semonzo del Grappa, in Via Chiesa (4 km from Bassano), in the municipality of Borso del Grappa (the event's administrative centre, arrival and start points for the short route, arrival point for the long route, and venue for the pasta party and prize-giving ceremony).
By prior arrangement with the organizers, registration can also take place in CONEGLIANO (TV).

Conditions of payment
Bank allowance to Altamarca Associazione
Banca Prealpi – Valdobbiadene agency
IBAN: IT74H08946215001800000 1291

Payment through Paypal to Altamarca Associazione

Iscrizione Trofeo Ottavio Bottecchia 2014



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